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 Road and Transportation


Road & transportation

2.1. Outlook:

Ahwaz is accessible via freeways to Isfahan and Shiraz, and roadways to Tehran.
A metro urban railway system is being built by the Ahvaz urban railway. It will be a 23 km underground line with 24 stations.
The airport is served by Iran Asseman Airlines (Dubai, Kuwait, Tehran, flying on Boeing 727-200s or Fokker F100s), Caspian Airlines (Dubai, by Tupolev 154M), Iran Air (Isfahan, Kuwait, Tehran, by Boeing 727-200 or Fokker 100), Iran Air Tours (Isfahan, Mashad, Shiraz, Tehran, by Tupolev 154M), Kish Air (Tehran, by Tupolev 154M), and Saha Air (Tehran, by Boeing 707-300).

2.2. Road transport:

The road transportation is considered as major transport mode in the province of Khouzestan. More than 90 percent of the whole share of goods and passenger transport is done through the road. The demographic specification and brilliant geographical position together with strategic oil, gas, steel, cement and petrochemical industries in addition to inclined cultivating soil, has resulted in progressive improvement of provincial road industry.
The cities of 'Bandar-e-Imam Khomeini', 'Ahwaz' and 'Dezful' are considered among the most important midpoints of provincial goods transport and also could be mentioned as major epicenters for import sector, industry and agriculture.
Over 35 million MT goods is conveyed from the origin of Khouzestan that has placed Khouzestan as 2nd national rank after Isfahan. Over 18 million passengers are transported by vehicle fleet within the provincial road that has considered Khouzestan as 3rd national rank after Tehran and Khorasan Razavi. Also, the cities of Ahwaz, Abadan and Shushtar are considered among the major provincial epicenters for passenger transport.
In the province, there are 292 stirring goods transport companies together with 160 stirring passenger transport firms, manage all affairs of goods and passenger transport. Also, there are 2 major goods terminal in Bandar-e-Imam Khomeini and Ahwaz together with 24 active passenger terminals in different counties that contribute on necessary infrastructures for goods and passenger transport.
Considering major harbors of Bandar-e-Imam Khomeini, Abadan and Khoramshahr together wih border terminals of Shalamcheh and Chazabeh, has resulted in preeminent position for goods transit that over 239 thousands MT goods is transited through abovementioned origins.
Khouzestan province has also realized first rating in terms of transporting heavy and semi heavy products that could be highlighted in annual issuance of 45000 traffic passing permissions.

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